Below we provide some statistics of the data within the Bacteriome resource.

Protein interactions
Three interaction datasets are presented: a 'core' set of high quality protein-protein interactions (PPI) derived from an ongoing series of TAP-TAG pulldown experiments; an 'Extended' set of interactions which includes the core set, but also includes an additional set of PPI's deemed to be of slightly lower uqality to the core set; and a set of predicted functional linkages, derived through a theoretical integration of various functional genomic datasets. See the help pages for more details on the construction of the various datasets.
Total number of proteinsNumber of identified interactionsAverage number of interactions per protein
core - experimental91838884.24
extended - experimental229172202.49
functional - theoretical194139892.06
Protein complexes
The Bacteriome resource provides access to two sets of protein complex predictions - one for the functional interaction dataset and one for the core dataset. Note for the functional interaction dataset, the complexes may be thought of as 'functional modules'.
Number of protein complexesTotal number of proteinsMaximum complex sizeMinimum complex sizeMedium complex sizeAverage complex size
core - experimental68967983614.22
functional - theoretical279137030344.91
In addition to the interactions and complexes, the Bacteriome resource integrates a variety of additional "Metadata" which is used to provide additional detail on selected genes and aid in the visualization of the networks. Some examples of these datasets are provided below:
Total number of proteins/genes in database:
Total number of journals referenced:
Total number of distinct protein domains:
Total number of genomes used to build phyloegenetic profiles: